Any Email Not Signed by the Certificate (bottom left) is Not Valid.

Email forgery in false title transfer or franchise is a felony.

See 18 United States Statutory Code, Section 1341.

This Christmas, the perpetrator visited my home October 4th 2022, sent a threat to my elderly mother and father October 5th concealing their real COMMERCIAL REGISTERED OFFICER STANDING to blackmail on October 5 2022, and impersonated me before the UNITED STATES MARINE CORP charity "TOYS FOR TOTS" incorporating U.S. Mail Fraud to remind us that he has our child at Christmas.

Be ye so advised this is the nature of the fraud to overcome the STRYX mark, and are so advised such abuse has caused the death of the child's grandmother March 2nd 2022; after which the perpetrator did impersonate the dead woman and her estate executor to seek to obtain control of over $100,000 USD.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP would be therefore ill advised to continue to print any STRYX content, as it is alleged a fraudulent conveyance executed by the same person in a child taking at birth for concealment in Interstate Commercial Extortion, to impersonate a real person using the STRYX name in commerce since 1990 for a real company of the United States well documented in contract and business cards and records of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION for Interstate Commerce.

Title 78 Oklahoma Statutory Law Class 38 covers print and publication in physical and digital versions, including and not limited to print or literature in video games and software products, art, and images.

Neither UNITED KINGDOM or UNITED STATES support a class of trademark that is "alien races", and such claims are fraud to conceal infringement now under formal complaint.


    February 23rd 2023 5:00 pm CDT

    While obvious based on context of other documents at and exposing the extortion;

    James Allen denies all claims of emotional abuse and false claims of any kind suggesting a failure to acknowledge the child paid over $15,000 USD (1999 USD) in travel and resettlement costs in August 2001 prior abduction, as premeditated fraud to kidnap for purpose of extortion of a registered (1998 incorporated, 1992 in-legal-use and regionally established in name and trademark) business. The child was concealed, removed, and such statements in 2003 and 2011 admissions of false claims in Sept 12th 2003 to some "open door".

    The last time I went into an "open door" I was punched in the head by Veronica Marie Petersen and rendered physically blind for nearly half an hour due to the trauma to my temple, resulting in permanent loss of hearing.

    I was struck with a candlestick in a second instance, and in the right temple while driving in a third instance causing similar loss of vision at highway speed, while Alexis Petersen (3 years old) was in the back passenger seat and Veronica Petersen in the front passenger seat (then pregnant with my child).

    None of these physical attacks or child taking were provoked or instigated by me, or even the result of arguement - and were attempted murder by surprise in all instances and kidnapping by surprise in two separate acts to take the child from me in August and September 2001.

    All such acts prior threat of arrest on false self injury with a large kitchen knife in The Colony, Texas to force me to leave the child with Iva Petersen against my will, were fraudulently filed in September 2001 as 'abandonment' of a child to overcome my $50,000 AMERICAN EXPRESS credit line for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma; then changed to MARRIAGE where no marriage existed nor was dissolved by the court, without any right to enter evidence or bring my witnesses or notice of trial or any instance of my accuser or their attorney appearing at any hearing I was given proper notice of.

    To this day (2023 February 23rd) since abduction August 11th 2001, I have not seen my accuser nor their attorney in any court of law, nor been granted the right to dispute the claims as obligated U.S. Law and UIFSA Section 6 rule - and unlawfully detained in violation of "immunity" obligated in UIFSA Section 314 from 2018 November to present (2023 Feb) without Fast and Speedy Trial by Jury granted in February 2019 on false claims and to blackmail my family and business, overcome my public office, and seek to impeach my parental rights terminating all contact with my child in 2001 September prior the 10th day of that month.

    A business since named in letters of extortion and threats to seek forfeiture on concealment of my child since the year 2001 contrary JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION refused disclosure or enforcement unless I paid fines in excess of my earnings and despite attacks on my employment by the abductors to defraud the United States and carry out criminal entrapment of my person, harm to my elderly parents, forfeiture of my business, and causing the death of my foster mother by such impersonation of her publicly which led to her 2008-2022 isolation and refusal to treat her for cancer due to the fraud.

    The prior fraud letters initially published by the Texas abductors (2001 Nov, Dec, 2002 May, 2003 Sept, ongoing) are efforts to abuse the "STRYX" and "BEYOND WAR" brands, designs, and for sale of such works in a "social justice" action to Sweden, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, or other countries and by franchise back to AMAZON INC. or OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED or other firms for racial 'evil little jew' caricature portrayal of the prior REGISTERED TRADEMARK are part of anti-Native racist activity by person(s) in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, California, Missiouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Florida. Generally themed as white nationalist movement members, aided by South American radical socialist and Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, and British labor members intent on foreign Union activity against competitors born to mixed parents in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION and against businesses and property originating there.

    The role of Nation of Japan and People's Republic of China in support of this abuse, to promote Chinese Communism (National Socialism) as a mental health claim of rights - and opposition as a mental health defect in child taking, child concealment, and child abuse - irreparably damaged our relationship with People's Republic of China, Japan, Sweden, Great Britian, Ireland, Iceland and the European Union and Balkan States (Ukraine) used to promote this human trafficking activity under franchice of two large "HOLDING COMPANIES" and FATSHARK games (their client, now owned by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD).

    Never in my wildest dreams in the 1990s did I imagine writing material given to the community without cost and as a promotion of a hobby by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) would result in abduction, abuse, and concealment of my child or incitement of violence against my family in their final years of life. I did not then consider Warhammer 40,000 to be a serious representation of positive values in National Socialist movements, nor did it appear to be more than 'satire'.

    In the late 1990s and throughout 2000-2023, that has changed, and the hobby has become a rallying point for national socialist values, organizations, and themes who incorporate Odinism with racial solidarity, racial nationalism, and radical labor theory to overcome human rights - foreign to all values of a responsible product for children or adults, and a roleplay experience attractive to certain criminal personality disorders in application to racist behavior in Europe, calling people 'Orks', and actual mass killing using dehumanizing tactics that were originally satirical content by the first generation of writers and artists. These group of games, and their promotion of slavery of other races as a norm, sexual exploitation of slaves, thralls, and other extreme involuntary abusive and emotionally abnormal cultural violence in a non-fiction context fantasy, are harmful to children and adults - and a nexus for certain persons who require an outlet to develop and engage in escallating behvior and re-enforcement of abuse of other persons in fantasy, then often translated into real world and social and family violence.

    Where I once looked forward to sharing my hobby and insight with my child, in this media, now I see in my son in isolation a violence and characteristic evil that is reflected in the community of hate groups affiliated with Warhammer 40000 and its global presence, and in black propaganda methods and slurs it has made popular through commercial use, a reflection monetizing real world racism an hate groups while shielding those communities under the improper context of satire for commercial and very young audiences - a consistent message of hatred and contempt for heterosexual persons, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and persons of mixed race.

    The popularity of Warhammer 40,000 in Texas and in Germany did not make sense to me initially, until I saw the nature of those communities and their contempt for persons like myself (of mixed race), in the 2001-2023 concealment and abuse of my only child; and in the effort to overcome me and obliterate my family and credit for my creative and academic works in racial and sexual extortion activity and in identity theft.

    I recognize this now, in review of the conduct of licensees and behavior of present generation writers, and overt commercial racism and deviancy of a severe nature styled as a mental health claim on 'right by force' over individuals and minorities, that is endorsed throughout the present franchise and popular with extremist political groups to style dissent and civil rights as mental illness or defect of mind to oppress and injure real persons and normalize such black propaganda before minor audiences for commercial gain.

    It is not my place to direct a company in its policy or its own property, but the use of my name or my work approriated for such content, or of my likeness or abuse as a fictional character or alien, is extreme overreach of creative rights to abuse citics of the GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) - and harms the Warhammer franchise.

    Failure to manage the franchise is the responsibility of the present company, and while we acknowledge there are risks in any media - Warhammer 40,000 has come to represent hatred and anti-homosexual humor throughout most of the media, as well as a pattern of anti-competitive practices and intellectual property overreach claims damaging the industry recklessly.

    While I appreciate the struggle to protect their genuine IP from clear infringement, use of my legal pen name in constant in-legal use since 1996 as an 'alien race' is defamatory and derogatory and racist in the extreme - directly adapted from "hitlers little jew" caricature art to space opera; and in concert with other depreciating satire resembling my own culture and dress and office furnishings in 'James Workshop' is a harmful and abusive misuse of franchise rights that reflects on English culture as racist, vulgar, demeaning, colonial and abusive of other persons to a degree that evokes occupation of India and other countries in the 21st Century and abuses of English Justice and the Crown, to offend in the name of England.

    Whether intentional or not, the effort to style me as a "savage" and "morally corrupt" caricature as a business owner or officer or deformed alien in infringing degree upon abuse of my rights as author of a legally separate copyright protected work about genetically engineered-on-demand soldiers who are by design wholly and physically different than tht of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP canon, and alteration of the canon to style their characters similar to or always identical to my new works, is disgusting.

    GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED "Marines" were human, with augmented organs attached, causing changes in the body through hormones and specialized artificial cells (nanotechnology and biological invasive material, like the BORG). They were never 'genetically grown' persons, in canon, and such content following my own work to emulate the prior property and Star Wars "clone army" fiction, is just plagiarism diluting the original unique and distinct history of the Warhammer 40,000 fiction. Failure to overcome 2000 A.D. magazine and Judge Dredd art, style, fiction, and settings taken directly from a defunct license for publication by White Dwarf, and in adaptation of books and names from JRR Tolkien estates, further injures the original value of the prior Warhammer franchise, itself created as a knock-off of a real contract license with Gary Gygax of early TSR Inc. to distribute Dungeons and Dragons in England.

    Anyone familiar with the history of such work, exclusive of the wonderful line art contributions by various artists, should have seen that coming; but at scale I and other fans did not expect we were paying into a theft of property or recognize that real artists in other countries and organizations were being genuinely harmed by such impersonation of work - identical to that nature which Games Workshop is now fighting in its own space opera genre and 3D printing marketplace as a toy manufacturer seeking film and television franchise opporutinity.

    Without disrespect to the artists who made the franchise possible, the legal claims and product design require serious professional counsel to cease an aggressive pattern of injury to real persons, for which shareholders and the public can view the franchise and company only through a lens of distrust and context of very real injury done by the fanbase to real persons.

    My child was abducted for purpose of extortion, to injure foster parents who were over 40 years my senior, and to blackmail and extort my commercial firm and property in injury to their parents throughout major medical illness in 2003-2023.

    Those persons are now over 78 years old, as old as 87 years, and being actively and directly contacted as recently as October 2022 and February 2023 in abuse to extort due to this ongoing fraud and malicious publication by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) franchise activity to AMAZON INC. and OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED.

    The "harsh rules" my family ascribe to that were mentioned, were consideration for persons with Alzheimer's Disease and brain cancer who required medical care and minimal contact during their recovery and progressive death, and consideration for them in their infirmity that denied stealing the credit and future earnings and savings of their estate to pay for luxuries like designer cloths and lavish daily meals and (non-essential) drugs.

    My resistance to abuse of my parents and grandparents rights and to deny embezzlement of credit and property owned by my company, not me personally, including theft of cell phones and other property - were the reason that my child was taken, concealed, and injured contrary JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION obtained after kidnapping him from my home during Interstate travel prior paid and agreed a necessary move back to my HOME STATE from a foreign country.

    Claims by the abductors are therefore fraud, and its effort to monetize my child's concealment under those conditions and employ fans of Warhammer and their extreme sub culture groups to incite violence against my person, home, pets, property, friends, intimite partners (3 separate women) and violence over 2001-2023, ended my writing for during that time.

    Conduct since has left me afraid that GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) will seek further action to abuse my rights, in addition to their act of creating defamatory media after threats in 2013 to do so and alleged $93500 payment to the abductors for false sale of my legal name for use by the firm in contract with FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota and release to OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED and CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED of such work to harm my family and promote stereotypes used in the kidnapping of my (real) child. These threats are sustained in November 14 2021 to February 5 2023 ongoing extortion letters to my business and family, in support of such commercial extortion and fraud, appear to come from employee(s) of those firms in Cyprus and Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Minnesota, Wyoming, California, Missiouri, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    Hiring of persons "worldwide" in online distributed office operations in Cyprus and other companies public acceptance of content online without editorial accountability by such firms, affording access to such bad faith actors in a very large creative property franchise development setting, has made this possible and caused serious and irreparable harm to my family, parents, and aggravated the death of my foster mother in 2022 along with serious injury done to my pets (2 killed, 2 injured) resultant from ongoing directed unsolicited harassment in concert with development of ROGUE TRADER (by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES) and its content alleged sold to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW).

    August 23rd 2022 5:00 pm CDT

    SEVEN ALPHA™ content providers, users, and licensees are hereby obligated to renew within 30 days or opt-out and terminate all production which includes, promotes, features, displays, or otherwise directs to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) and/or PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and prior products of that firm sold to PEARL ABYSS or other company or proxy group as detailed in the SEPTEMBER 2022 SERVICE CONTRACT AGREEMENT.

    This site will be maintained for archival purposes, with modifications to express its historic use only in concert with pre-2001 works of Games Workshop Ltd. and related brands; in addition to notice of disapproval of recent activity to support human trafficking of Native American children and concealment in Europe in ongoing harassment by WARHAMMER 40,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS and communities created and moderated by LSE:GAW staff, and such actions in concert to HATE CRIMES already under criminal complaint themed on NORDIC and ICELAND, SWEDEN, and DENMARK community members accessory in those child trafficking and child abuse activities commerically over 2001-2022.

    August 23rd 2022 1:00 pm CDT
    Retaliation to harass a mixed race person for citation of Rebellion Development Studios prior and established rights led to racist remarks by GAMES WORKSHOP STUDIOS member community, coercion to alter an independent review of a product to suit LSE:GAW shareholders, and sanctions vote by two U.S. Corporations and an Oklahoma limited liability company to suspend licensing to GAW and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB for fraud.
    August 23rd 2022 5:00 pm CDT
    SEVEN ALPHA™ licensees and vendors impose a BAN on display or use of any licensed products by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, EVE ONLINE, CCP GAMES, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, PEARL ABYSS, and other companies enjoined with letters of defamation and child concealment themed on mixed-race derogatory remarks and claims observed on August 23rd in official GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP "Warhammer 40,000" community pages in a theme of consistent racism and language closely associated with racial prejudice in State of Oklahoma against Chickasaw and Apache and Choctaw, and ongoing 2002-2022 publications threatening sexual assault against mixed race persons including Chinese Citizens and British and United States Citizens.

Letters From the 1990 American Author
James Allen:



Additional Transcripts showing CHILD ABUSE and FRAUD and COURT APPEARANCE TAMPERING resulting in a 2001-2022 concealment of a child with effort to sell the name of the father to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP to harm his parental rights and prior (1990, 1992, 2009, 2011) established businesses systematically by DORIAN KIM, JARED MAUCH, DONALD JONATHON BEAL, BRIAN YOUNG (DR FEAR), ALICIA MCMAHON (ALLYKATT), BRIAN WOLFE (SIR_AHZZ), VERONICA PETERSEN, or other persons associated with NTT-VERIO / NTT COMMUNICATIONS covert LOSTSERVER project, CANADASUCKS project, LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, DEPREF.NET, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., ARELION (TELIA), or similar group in assault upon the NORTEL NETWORKS employee and his true employer (PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES) by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, or other residents of 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway Dallas Texas and 722 S Haskell Ave Dallas Texas (TERRABOX.COM CO); incorporating assault at gunpoint, carjacking, threat of murder, destruction of the 7705 Willow Winds Court Buliding #24 by fire, and ongoing 2002-2004 / 2011 / 2013 / 2021-2022 extortion activity, threat letters October 5 2022 to persons over 65 years of age to blackmail and extort, theft of over $15,000 USD in prior fraud against the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK;

Should thereby regard:


Abuse of the child by Veronica Marie Petersen


Animal Abuse By Brian Wolfe and Amy Snelgrove - Portraying worms as mental illness of pet owner to assert control in a human trafficking activity over the skilled IT worker and injury to his pets (2) during concealment of his child and debt bondage / forced labor scheme

Excuses for Animal Abuse by Brian Wolfe, President of TERRABOX.COM CO (2001-2004)

TERRABOX.COM CO attempts to conceal name of victims in fraud as Company Policy

Ties to GAW false sale of titled property "STRYX" alleged

VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, of Minnesota, similar to CHRISTIAN PETERSEN of Minnesota (FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES, ASMODEE GAMES, CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED publisher of the ROGUE TRADER content) in defamation there against the taking, abuse, and concealment of a child to extort for his surname abductor in State of Texas from CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, a child of ethnic CHICKASAW character so defamed for the color of his skin and "bad genes" in his NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE AND ETHNIC TRAITS to remove, carry away, and conceal from his home in 2502 Live Oak St #335 for 11 months prior his residence at-law and FOREIGN COMMERCIAL RESIDENCE WITH HIS BIOLOGICAL FATHER (from whom he was abducted for commercial use);

And the child then concealed and refuse ORDERED POSSESSION from 2001-2020 to his family in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION at 722 E 17th St, City of Ada, CHICKASAW NATION to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and later (2010-2022) RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and (2011-2022) DEEP LAYER INC. of CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION systematically - seeking forfeiture of business and intellectual property rights in franchise and in full for return of the abducted child.

Any defamatory or "alien" characturization or use of the "STRYX" mark by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP is a RACIAL SLUR now under formal criminal complaint, citing October 7th to 17th republication of such fraudulent and defamatory RACIALLY MOTIVATED HATE SPEECH in addition to death threats and extortion using fire and assault at gunpoint on the father of that child, JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN (legally, STRYX, in LEGAL NAME and LEGAL USE in 1992-2022)..

Per KARA METZGER, on the Rekjavik ICELAND registered THECHURCHBOARD.COM then occupied by the 2424 Swiss Ave Dallas TX nightclub community of THE LIZARD LOUNGE customers, over 800 registered users:

I have watched the "Veronica aka Sex Kitten" vs *'James aka Stryx" (people know who they are, I will not hide behind their names on the list. Their real names have been mentioned several times before this.) episode go on long enouqh. The "shitty Fathers" post by Veronica is the fast straw for me at least.

    - Kara Metzger, December 28 2001

Prior Use of the REGISTERED TRADEMARK ("STRYX") Name in The Library of Congress of the United States and Oklahoma Secretary of State, a Trademark per Title 78 Section 78-22, entitled Berne Convention Rights Obligated by UNITED KINGDOM, GREAT BRITAIN, SWEDEN, ICELAND, IRELAND, DENMARK, AUSTRIA, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAUL, CANADA, and the UNITED STATES - and all other signatories.

  • Dec 21st, 2021 5:30 pm CDT
    - I Feel Sorry For You

  • Dec 19th, 2021 7:30 pm CDT
    - Serious Legal Examination and LEGAL DMCA NOTICE

  • Dec 19th, 2021 11:45 am CDT
    - "James Workshop" character discovered

  • June 3rd, 2020 - Qui Tam Suit 31 USC 3729(a) and Child Abduction Case (21 O.S. 21-1533) "leagl sham", use of STRYX in violation of 78 O.S. 78-22 and threat letters in child stealing themed human trafficking (21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil counter-suit filed per UIFSA (Rev 2008) and 5 USC § 706 "Fraud" pending jury trial).

    Default by violation of 22 O.S. § 22-13 and 18 USC § 3161 Alleged clear notice, and 18 months without hearing or legal answer obligated Federal Law 42 USC § 666(a)(9) rule, operation of law and "KELLY v KELLY" 2007 violation (OK Sup Court, automatic mistrial). Actions violate the primary body of law themed FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, appear to be a Hobbs Act Violation on prima facie of written threat to extort and blackmail two businesses by name in this child concealment (2001-2021).

    Fraud in 18 USC § 666 embezzlement of Federal Grant alleged in context with false sale by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota, CHRISTIAN T. PETERSEN, and purchase of false title by GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED / GAMES WORKSHOP PLC parties, fraud simple, regarding "STRYX" mark and related threats (11/14/2021 ongoing with violence) to extort our firm in State of Oklahoma, United States, in this cause, and on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN, a Texas estate seeking $100,000 USD in fraud by child stealing (21 O.S. 21-891) under formal criminal complaint.

    Child is themed missing-exploited and concealed in violation of ORDER OF POSSESSION from 2001-2021.

  • May 3rd, 2016 - Stopped Playing 40K
  • January 4th, 2010 - Skimmed A Rulebook

2023 Annual SDA3.ORG Board Meeting (May 29th) - At 6:00 PM CST

House Shadis: 5th Edition

After writing about the Rouge Trader Era (RTE), Red Book Era (RBE), Gold Book Era (GBE), and coining the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Edition language to characterize each boxed-set release of Warhammer 40,000 in the 1990s and 21st Century, House Shadis is proud to bring you the updated 5th Edition Rules of our traditional House (House Rules). Confused? Used the Official Shadis Timeline for reference.

It will take a few days, but this April 2009 we will bring you updated point values, army stats, and copies of the traditional House Shadis publications compatible with the present 2008-2009 edition main rules of Warhammer 40,000. Such publications fan content and free of charge provided inclusion of copyright to the work and in part or whole a free extension to the existing game by Games Workshop UK as allowed under public domain and the Berne Convention (International Treaty on Copyright).

For our fans, we have kept the old (2nd Edition) rules up including the Codex Shadis, Codex Veremus, Codex Squat, Codex Shadow, and even the old (public use) Titanicus II rules (approved by GW for fans). The rules still work for Rogue Trader Era players, first release codex users, and the like, but modern (2009, 5th Edition) finally meets our -REQUIREMENTS- for cover, quality, and accuracy.

We now recommend everyone upgrade. Look for the blackstone logo with light green text on the cover of new books (see below).

This denotes what House Shadis is calling "5th Major Edition Warhammer 40,000" by our timeline.


All book cover art featured above is copyright © Games Workshop or its affiliates and such use for academic purposes so protected by the Berne Convention and in promotion of the hobby by retailers and consumer review.

"Stryx" is a registred Trademark of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in use since 1992, and any similarity or use not for "BEYOND WAR" or by the authorized real person in public notice, is prohibited. "BEYOND WAR" a registered Trademark of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of State of Oklahoma (USA)

We also enjoyed:


Which makes a perfect companion to the above literature for PC and XBox360.

House Shadis 40,000



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