December 21st, 2021
4:30 pm CDT

I feel bad for you.

IMAGE & TEXT ARE SUBJECT "FAIR USE" EXEMPTION USE: PER LEGAL CITATION, in an academic review of terms and use in December 2021 by "WARHAMMER-COMMUNITY.COM", a separate publication of GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED.

I genuinely feel sorry for GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) after the December 19th 2021 publications on WARHAMMER-COMMUNITY.COM featuring their new campaign themed "overlord" and "Founder" of Games Workshop Ltd, "JAMES WORKSHOP".

I guess they were trying for a "JAMES BOND" feel, which would be plagiarism of another British protected property; and stepped on the lillypad on the head of the American author of the 1996 fan page, "HOUSE SHADIS" like a nazi boot.

Some persons involved in the fraud even called the character "jimmy", a slur used in 2001-2021 rape and murder threats sent in the extortion and concealment of the child of the American author, now under Federal criminal complaint and a Federal qui tam suit themed $44 billion USD against STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA for welfare grant fraud over 2001-2021 contrary Federal Register, the LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS and "primary body of law" of the UNITED STATES in such UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY theft and embezzlement so alleged felony activity in 18 U.S.C. § 666 of United States Criminal Code. Entitled qui tam suit per 31 U.S.C. § 3729(a), by the same author, citing fraud and abuse of children over a period of 2001 - 2021 with written witness intimidation and denial of all ordinary DUE PROCESS, a felony if exposed in pending litigation obligated and default judgment due failure of the CIVIL PROCEDURE in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to give hearing and set a date for such motion in 120 days of filing, now past due.

If you are a barrister, or other licensed attorney at law, you should probably back the fuck up and identify where relative to your position the nearest parachute is on the plane, having read the prior severe matter touched upon by impersonation of the "right of publicity", the sole area that "look and feel" applies in the United States outside of comic book and charicature art not itself non-commercial in nature and for satire. See 21 O.S. §21-839.1 in video and image, as expressed in the "WARHAMMER+" promotion of "JAMES WORKSHOP", and similarity to the image on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. from 2017-2021 to James Allen of Oklahoma. Down to the use of the chair in promotional work for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and content in the same genre and competition in clear and registered work for "BEYOND WAR", a video game and interactive service distinctly separate from "WARHAMMER 40,000" franchise and products.

The issues in such use, and detail in broad claims, arise from GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED buying in false title books, literature, and content to incorporate into their illegally broad trademark and content claims, from FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota and CHRISTIAN T. PETERSEN, material already registered trademarks in STATE OF OKLAHOMA since 1992; and false claims in response to DMCA notice to cease and desist, which aggravated such injury in concert with child abuse and child kidnapping to extort those properties over 2001-2021, a "legal sham".

IF you don't know the real "provenance" of art, don't buy it.

Real Due Diligence

This is why we make our content in-house, verify it against library assets of other works, and editors confirm no "prior use" before filing a claim. The due diligence for such act of publication falls on the publisher, not the injured party.

IF the GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP officers were competent, they would realize that the same "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES" created "MUTANT CHRONICLES", which knowingly and purposefully infringed upon established WARHAMMER 40,000 products, to the extent it sought to create an alternative game to the prior "table-top toy" game, at lower cost of ownership.

I would have sympathy, if not for learning in my research that GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED did license GARY GYGAX "DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS" for distribution in England; and then create based on that work as a competitive product "WARHAMMER FANTASY" and later "WARHAMMER 40,000" products; which in provenance are thereby derived works from a conflict of interest not afforded the license or use of that regional distribution agreement under the UNIFORM CODE OF COMMERCE (UCC).

When a party agrees to import and distribute a registred intangible property, the use of information and sales data from such activity to promote, soilcit, seek, obtain, or apply investment based on that private "agency" of the overseas client to compete in the same industry as the client, is unlawful.

Taking property from other games and toy lines, like TOMY ZOIDS (a personal favorite), and ABC ROBOTS, or after such company as the publisher/editor for "WHITE DWARF" did solicit "JUDGE DREDD" to allow them to circulate their content; to then create a knock-off product such as the "Arbites" or other clearly "derived" work in "WARHAMMER 40,000", so taints the property that no claim of exclusive use or right to franchise in any "big shoulder" look and feel claim may stand since or in any future time by recovery of agreement between the injured artist seeking some protection and the public right to disbar any agreement between those parties to end the franchise claims that are constructed from multiple infringing acts (ABC, DREDD, ALIENS, STAR WARS, et al).

Limited Right of Claims

We are not saying that "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP" has no right to some of its own work, or to seek protection from purposeful infringement for resale or diluted use of their "real" property (toys) or game mathematics and charts, or intangible work subject classification and regular registration in limited use and scope.

Rather, that I see how abuse by Minnesota and other States incited the firm to begin a campaign of broad and overtly unlawful and void claims; such that it suggest it has malicious design or monopoly as a goal of these ordinary restrictions from piracy.

It's a legal trap, set by a real abuser to incite one registered company against another, while seeking to promote a diluted product against both firms interests; from which a minority share of a very lucrative market is open to the "bad actor" while disrupting a strong property and ordinary application of licensing efforts to build strong and defined intellectual property portfolios that can stand on their own and independent of other works.

I've spent the last twenty (20) years purpsefully trying to "avoid and prevent contamination by GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED and other products" in my "BEYOND WAR" product.

Until GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED used a look-alike and sound-alike character of my persona and mannerisms ridiculing my very serious and formal office and customary clothing, to sell and "advertise" a product in violation alleged of 21 O.S. § 21-839.1 rule, I was fairly happy barring one misuse of my "STRYX" alien race illegally as "STRYXICUS" or some such shit in a FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES publication cited in DMCA notice and duty with the court of PONTOTOC COUNTY for injunction and immediate relief due.

No matter the $44 billion nature of the obstruction, any obstruction does not start the clock on that suit; until such time as the 2001-2021 hold on the legal person of the author of the STRYX brand is lifted in the UNITED STATES; a fraud no sane barrister would want to touch with a rod of Erwin Rommel himself.

The Part We Like

We like some of your fiction. The part that is original. Which is a very very small part.

We liked when your Mark VI plastic marines were about $0.70 per figure, and classic ADEPTUS TITANICUS 2mm (6 foot) scale infantry games. Even if the war machines were ABC ROBOT inspired art, and GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED had to completely remove them in EPIC and later boxed sets due to infringement on the real artist work that inspired the great pen and ink illustrations of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

But when you act like insensitive assholes and claim to "make alien races" named after your 1996-1999 worldwide top YAHOO page author's well-known name and promotional material used in numerous countries as a free component of the hobby to encourage people to buy GAMES WORKSHOP products before your obnoxius "outrider" franchise ran headlong into the Oklahoma Monopoly Law which classified that activity as illegal union labor franchise efforts (XXIII-1A); it became a very scary company to work for or with.

Like the mafia. Or the Nazis.

Legal Right Of Separate Firms

So we took all our work elsewhere and began work on a separate franchise, leaving GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED to its own devices and machinations. Very expenive toys, and a sense of elitism that obligates most customers to keep buying new books every year as old books are made obsolete.

Those old books, in the 1980s and very early 1990s, were very important to a lot of young players and fans. Because they were something "stable" that the kids could look to and share with other children when home was "not very stable" for many; and feel important talking about and taking part in social activity with other children in impoverished and drug ridden communities. GWUK changed all that, by trying to franchise a high-end reputation and price point, forcing out the very children who were the best part of the hobby, and alienating the people who loved the old classic books, lore, art, and crude effort in making games in that period of high fantasy prior to the Internet (1992-2001).

Sure, the books had some sketchy stuff, like portraying hermaphrodites (a real gender, transgender) as "demons" to be slain, and putting nazi memoribilia on aliens that made (satirical) fun of the Third Reich - a fair target prior "woke" progressive radican national socialism and racial justice movements of the 2009-2021 era.

Nordic Viking Rape Culture

But it went too far, in sex slavery and human trafficking for the evil elvish race "DUKHARI", and clear "provenance" of such works from "DROW" and "DARK ELVES" in other well known fiction; to be a simple "aping" of product mixed with toy lines, that narrowly allowed a place at the table before broad claims of false original franchise suppressing the public domain components in these products began to beat like the drums of Sauron in Middle Earth.

Again, regardless of whether the present IP agent of "Middle Earth" and "Games Workshop" agree to share their claims; none of that shit is anything but public domain excluding the specific story, characters, and names used. The "races" are all "folklore" and thus "public domain". And the claim of owning or having letters patent on a "race" are eerilie similar to the "nazi shit" that the game once made good fun at. Now treated as if a "legal claim" about who is "WHITE" or "ARYAN" in similar manner, for fictional monopoly.

Yes, you can potentially "own" a race, as a character, such as the "ALIEN" and "ALIENS" setting in the screenplay of the films of the same name; for which the "TYRANID" (Latin, king bug or bug king) are a patent rip off and infringement to anyone with eyes and a brain to see. From the acid blood, to the chitin body shapes, to the teeth, to the infection by oral insemination described of GENESTEALERS which is a feature of the "ALIEN" species in the American films also and first.

Generally, science fiction authors will "give you some slack to run with" so long as you don't turn around and try to eat the original author or assert "franchise" over other authors with something you "found laying on the floor of the movie theater" or in a prior novel.

But that is not the same as "giving license or abandoning a claim", and such effort to say so is a form of illegal coercion paired with broad markets in diverse regions, where shopping for new jurisdictions to infringe upon a property owner far from their right of local remedy is a well known illegal tactic.

Clear Communist Influence

In some ways, I can see how PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA has grown weary of this also, and ordered that any company seeking an injunction must FIRST FILE IN PRC before filing elsewhere, if they have any nexus (presence) in the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Or against a PRC company. This last bit, having claim over persons in other jurisdictions, is not valid, but like the broad strokes of the "Games Workshop Limited" license construction of words in my last letter: is the product of a complex collapse of the BERNE CONVENTION due to "bad actors".

Games Workshop Group is one such "bad actor", in my professional assessment.

I say this due to the "STRYXICUS" / "STYRIX" / "STRYXIS" infringement and subsequent "JAMES WORKSHOP" libel paired with commercial advertising of a commercial product (WARHAMMER+). That act, in a product tie-in, makes the production unqualified for a "satire" or "parody" defense or other right reserved of fair use by a non-competitor of a person whose appearance and image are similar to the setting used in the video and images released December 19th 2021.

At least when WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC does such things, as in the 86th Edition of MAGIC THE GATHERING promotions on December 5th 2021, they make the infringed owl art look commercial and respectable; and do so in a manner that has some daylight between the unlicensed use of the name (STRIXHAVEN) and the sound-alike aspect in concert with the Owl character of a distinctly different name in the series art.

It's not as crass as RENEGADE GAMES STUDIOS use of "Sanguine" in their "Auld Sanguine" game module, named after SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. registered trademark and race of similar design created to purposefully avoid their prior exclusive use of the "KINDRED" mark and brand; a creep of scope to overtake and abuse a United States Corporation to produce forfeiture in letters of threat 11/14/2021 and 2013 by subcontractor to WHTIE WOLF PRESS and FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES employee, there threatening rape and murder against James Allen, his family, and minor children - to conceal a real child ORDERED TO POSSESSION of the Oklahoma author.

Piracy Involves Real Labor Violence and Harm to a Child

Again, a barrister would not approach such case if aware of the severity of XXII-1A "unregistered labor union" criminal activity in such product design and release on threats of a written nature to compel securities fraud and "forfeiture" barred by United States Federal Law since 2017 February.

These are not acts any legitimate company should engage in, but by lax oversight and poor choice in hiring and ingest of work, have enjoined "WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC", "RENEGADE GAMES STUDIOS", and "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW)" into this December 2021 following express 11/14/2021 extortion letters and threats preceeding such organized and paid commercial activity, and timing to damage sales cycles of the product named in such violation and prior art in State of Oklahoma, part of a $44 billion antitrust and fraud complaint formally filed in July 2021.

The company impacted by this fraud may never recover the loss of confidence and tortious interference in the good will created over 1986-2001, due to the actions of this one common tainted IP contributor.

Good will toward Great Britain, to result in banning 30 million British Citizens (excluding residents of Scottland and Ireland) from service, is just the first sanction announced on December 20 2021 by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. "Franchise and Licensing Department". Such ban to last until the death of the Queen (Elizabeth II) or later, prior reconsideration, a corruption of blood afforded that legal reserved authority of the INDIAN TERRITORY and its industry pursuant 76 O.S. §76-9 and 22 O.S. §22-31 to 22-33.

Impact on Real World Policy (see Russia 2022 War)

This abuse has even led to our purposeful reconsideration of arms deals with the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC), because even they are not stupid enough to engage in the racism and hate speech observed on December 20 2021 in context to "JAMES WORKSHOP" responses upon Facebook, which reflect the threats of genocide and extortion in concert with child kidnapping in letters of November 14 2021 and 2013 and 2007-2012 letters and names used to conecal a United States Citizen in taking of registered Intellectual property.

You have to fuck up pretty hard, to get a "regional license" suspended across all jurisdictions by an original intellectual property licensor. But because a franchise for use and sale and distribution is a "privilege", it can be removed and withheld from a REGION based on sufficient cause, as the 2021 November and December actions by LSE:GAW and "WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC" and "RENEGADE GAME STUDIOS". It looks like "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES", a product of "Christian T. Petersen" of Minnesota, pulled a fast one on you and made a false sale, in interest of Minnesota former resident "Veronica M. Petersen", a petitioner found December 2001 to be "Wholly in Default" in civil suit in DALLAS COUNTY versus JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, who seeks $41,000 USD or more in fraud barred by Federal Law and suit in 2018 November to 2021 December, a barratry (21 O.S. §21-551) alleged under formal complaint to the District Attorney of Pontotoc County on RULING without HEARING, following a MOTION, to create a perpetual hold on the legal person of an INDIAN TERRITORY resident entitled 22 O.S. §22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial" not met, and "KELLY v KELLY" (2007 OK Sup. Court) finding of "automatic mistrial" prior commercial extortion defined under "The Hobbs Act", (18 U.S.C. §1951) alleged December 15 2021 in formal complaint duly received December 20 2021 at the Oklahoma City Federal Bureau of Investigation State Office; and referred to action via Judge White of the EASTERN DISTRICT FEDERAL COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA for discovery and a writ of mandamus to execute other remedy pending the examination and investigation suspended on 2001 December "default" not made a lawful registration to conceal and suspend and ransom a child without legal trial, a kidnapping.

If your employees got your company and its investors and securites in this mess, by publication of a tained intellectual property, which may cost you $44 billion USD or more, and you are worth less than $1 billion in real assets; I would consider making some immediate changes to staff and redirect your firm away from that wholesale disaster; including engaging and being forthcoming with the names of such persons using the registered OKLAHOMA TRADEMARK (76 O.S.) wrongly published as if an original work.

Otherwise, it looks like XXIII-1A criminal conspriacy against rights (18 U.S.C. §241) and a multinational effort to overthrow the commissions and letters patent of the State of Oklahoma, a fraud that regional distribution of goods may never recover in loss of access to markets and limited franchise enjoyed by other countries in the coming Century on such bad faith acts.

Wackos Are a Business Risk

In perspective, real people were killed by Dungeons and Dragons franchise fans: and despite how mentally disturbed the individual killer was - the franchise never fully recovered.

Regard such prior legal impact, and conduct yourself accordingly. I suspect the tainted offers are originating from a similar "distured party" and such use to manipulate the company into elevating the plagiarism to a high level and multi-national audience, is component to a much simpler "legal sham" (identity and intellectual property theft on public office and to overthrow public office by fraud) themed 21 O.S. § 21-1533.

Once you understand the scheme, weakness of ingress of Intangible Property, and need to work with other companies rather than treat established and registered firms as enemies in irrational grabs for impossible monopoly claims over multiple classifications and broad market control; the threat of such "kickstarter patron contributions" in real injury for low cost, is evident and very serious as mass communication and publication and electronic reach under the color of traditional brands and franchise groups are abused to impair real world victims similar to "nazi" use of radio and print propaganda targeting individual opponents, businesses by class, and the right to work in ghetto style reduction and justification of extermination after economic deprivation to affirm some fitness test created by artificial and tortious interference; the risk to the industry is very clear.

We could, in the past, all sit down in the same room at a convention and discuss the work we were doing without fear one party would steal or even consider stealing from another; out of respect for all parties at the table of registry and regional future namespace collissions a part of our business.

Now, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, like NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE (NTT) has begun to reach out like the Imperial Japanese Empire, asserting its right by force on others; and leaving those injured like the Citizens of Nanking and Hong Kong - bitter and angry over the injury in a way that will make the Troubles of Ireland look like a kindergarden incident in a sandbox.

Commercial denegration of competitor executives, officers, and real persons by parody and satire to sell; is not a legal activity of a lawful business or franchise. If it continues, standing and recognition for that franchise will be void in any future conduct of this nature.

The Real Child - Is Not a Property of GAW

I'm sure there are some morons who think that the child in the prior conduct was "names after a GAMES WORKSHOP character". I've heard the chatter.

The Child was named after a Roman General, "MAGNUS" the usurper, who was later used as the basis for the prior comic book character "MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER", and then by "GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED" in fiction for a character in "THE LOST AND THE DAMNED", a Primarch of one of the groups later elevated to a critical role and tragic story - which has no patent on the name or prior instances - to suggest a failure or right to name the child for his intended purpsoe, which meant "The Great Victorious Truth" in translation. If you can't read the Latin, or believe you own the word due to use prior in the same spelling without change as a prior historical figure (public domain), that's your error at law.

The persons who concealed his real last name, chose to call the child in derogatory slurs "Big Vinnie", because they only knew the anti-Italian slur for the word "Victorious" in their household.

Escalating Racist Bullshit

Your bullshit, therefore, treads upon the dreams of children in your "JAMES WORKSHOP" parody, quite heavily, to quote "William Butler Yeats" poem; and carries with it the tone of racism and antisemitism and abuse of persons that is not two degrees from real injury to real persons in your commercial works and application to sell commercial services with such "Wooden Indian" icons and efforts, a deep offense to the Chickasaw Nation and its missing children (LOST BOYS).

The origin of such terms (LOST BOYS, Native American children "disappeared" by white adoption and forced child taking on the Reservation, in human trafficking and sex trafficking) brings to mind both anti-male stereotypes and portrayals of people that are clearly "fictional abusive images" of persons who prior did you great service but declined to become a vassal or servant to your abuse of the legal rights of persons in State of Oklahoma to create a monopoly not lawful or entited legal power at law or enforcement of any terms here.

Victims of Human Trafficking should therefore boycott LSE:GAW and "GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED" products, while this parody of men to create "woke stereotype of beta low-testosterone incompetence like Homer Simpson" is employed as a "mascot" for the company to appeal to vulnerable boys and single mothers mental and emotional bias. It practically "castrates" the science fiction elements of the game, feminizing the entire product line to conceal the "100% male space marine" franchise and gender roles of Great Britian carried on in that rape and murder romanticism of war without human or civilian casualties, racially justified war, and ethnic cut-out elements to conceal classic white colonial culture - as we see in the Tau Codex use of "Kroot" and "Tau" and "Etherial" class based society similar "Zulus", "Pitch Helmet British Colonials", and "Magic Wizard/Knights" in thin parody of older ("Space 1889") games popular in Great Britian.

The Original Works of James Allen

The works of James Allen, even in 1996, were inclusive of armies that had multiple races in the same weapons and armor, fighting against local governments and loyalist and traitor units alike, similar to the later derived "Legion of the Damned". A little adaptation and license is interesting, but it has never been "provenance" for a claim of original content, nor enough to suggest the same level of multi-racial gender-neutral social group politics and characters then made separately in Beyond War, a game about 13 distinct races who work and live together, even in spite of completely different origins, and cross-over between those races through transhumanism technology and immortality for which entire worlds would go to war just to possess some knowledge of the power to overcome death forever.

The storyline, of Beyond War, is therefore substantially different thant he "eternal war of 40K", or its temporal see-saw of time travel stories and chaos based on old Viking and Norse religion versus Saxon (South British resistance to Viking raids) which are inherent in the Odinism and extremely racially characterized class society and monoculture of the IMPERIUM OF MAN.

Two Separate Legal Franchises

The two franchises cannot exist together, nor do the resemblance to the ideals of such a society survive first contact with a Beyond War "Advanced Warfighter" other than evaluation and discussion for contrast over the reality of extremely power indivudal war fighters perspective on populist war versus individual advanced warfighter franchise and scale of action. The scale of Beyond War puts any tabletop conflict out of frame, due to the immense power decribed in the books that can move entire solar systems and direct galaxies as immense vehicles under the direction of a single individual who treats the entire collection of stars and worlds like a town car. War with such advesaries is one of the mind, not of brute force. The war, is for character, in the ruins of the last fool who tried to use authority or populist suffrage to argue with destroyers of worlds.

The rapport between Goku and Hakaishin (Destroyers) and Dai Kaiƍshin (King Kai) in Dragon Ball Z is closer than the fiction of "Warhammer 40,000" to the "Beyond War" Universe and characters.

The difference being that such beins in Dragon Ball Z live in a royal / socialist structure, while the characters and beings of legend in "Beyond War" are so terrible and lost over time that their very existence is believed to be a myth or bad feeling shared by entire galaxies, because their actions have so imposed on the fabric of space and time that the descendants of people who witnessed them remain in terrified awe and pure emotional connection to the moment that contact happened - for hundreds of millions of years. So to meet one of these "Legends" is very difficult, and their manner is to be as difficult to identify as possible at all times - as their very expression of power would injure those who become aware of their existence or potential of being real beings.

Difference of Perspective

From the perspective of Beyond War, the player enjoys this front-row seat walking with the creatures of Legend, but may never be fully aware of who their shipmate really was. Only that the ship seemed to never be destroyed, or always escape, and it was never overcome.

Walking through the battlefields of these "Legends" and seeing the havoc and damage they cause, with them observing, is the exploration of Beyond War - and far closer to the experience of a good dungeon romp (now public domain) than a tabletop chess game.

Because the books focus on this interpersonal discovery of extra-terrestrial and supernatural scale and perspective on life and individual value, at the player level, this changes the usual dynamic of "high order factions fighting other factions" to "extended fear of unidentified actors engaged in a series of provocations, for which ordinary and populist movements simply cannot overcome no matter what material power or industry or force they accumulate". The Legends are a class that can tip the scale, and the player must learn that their life is not under the control of such creatures, but if they choose to rise to the level and assert claims - that such beings will rise and stop them, or applaud them, but are smart enough not to expose themselves when they do. That the power struggle is in the conversation before the contest, not in the actual fight, and in the friendships and bonds created that do not confuse themselves with codependence or a false sense of right by superior force.


The purpose of Beyond War is to introduce the player to a conversation with God, that does not escalate to a contest when the player realizes that God disagrees. Nor to suggest that while the player has free will, that the use of that will not be afforded any guarantee of protection from an angry God nor direction or encouragement to act appropriately. Only judgment. And a curiosity to see if the player is competent enough to become a judge themselves.

That is not, and never will be, "Warhammer 40,000" fiction. The closest it ever came to anything was the "d1000 table of random gifts of the Chaos Gods", which is - as the name implies - completely random and for comic value as much as CHUNGA in "Battlelords of the 23rd Century" and "TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE" were - silly satire to suggest how dangerous random choices can be.

I like to compare WARHAMMER 40,000 tabletop to "pool" or "darts", as it has borders and is so linear that you can practically read the table on deployment. Beyond War, on the other hand, is like dancing and good sex. You never know what will happen until you go out and meet people.

That game designers are still "staying home fondling their dice" in such a dynamic media and environment as we have today for design and computer aided game services; is a damn shame.

I feel genuinely sorry for companies trapped in that mindset, who cannot see beyond the properties they copied after licensing and studying them in fraud as future "competitors".

There is more to Beyond War (software) than just the prior, but - even a fool can see that it is not "tabletop" or "first person shooter" maze running violence and bullshit.

Efforts to force us to make our franchise into that, are criminal acts on the taking of a (real) child to extort.

Now, to quote JMS - "Get the Hell out of our Galaxy."

House Shadis Founder,

born: "James" Overton by Chickasw Tribal Law to Robin Overton and Reo Nichols, in The Chickasaw Nation, INDIAN TERRITORY (USA); now family by LEGAL ADOPTION and Tribal Law to the surviving maternal line to the WITHERSPOON (JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON, Declaration of the thirteen united States of America signatory)

"H.M. Stryx"

ADA, OK 74820 (USA)
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